What is Manual Therapy and How Is It Applied?

Günümüzde yaygınlaşmaya başlayan manuel terapi kas ve eklem rahatsızlıklarını rehabilite etmek amacıyla uygulanır. Hareket kabiliyetini kaybeden ve şiddetli ağrılar yaşayan insanlar zaman kazanmak içim manuel terapiye başvurabilirler. Manuel terapi sonrası başarı oranı oldukça yüksektir.

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy is used on people who have problems with their muscles and joints. Since it is an after treatment method, most people do not know much about this treatment. However, today, the number of specialist doctors who perform manual therapy is quite high. Manual therapy has developed in recent years and has begun to be successful in the treatment of many diseases.

Who is Manual Therapy Applied to?

Many of the patients who apply to manual therapy experience limitation of movement and severe pain. Anyone who wants to eliminate muscle and bone-related problems can benefit from manual therapy.

  • Those with muscle and joint disorders
  • Those with hernia
  • People with limited mobility
  • Those without inflammatory disease
  • Those who do not have high nerve pressure

You can find out if you are suitable for this treatment by consulting the experts who apply manual therapy. Before resorting to manual therapy, do not forget to consult with specialists. Manual therapy should only be performed by professionals.

How is Manual Therapy Applied?

No drugs or needles are used in manual therapy. After examining the problem area of the patient, it is intervened manually. It is aimed to treat the problem area with pushing, stretching and bending movements. During manual therapy, the patient should be relaxed and comfortable. At this point, it is very important that it is done by a physiotherapist who is an expert in the field.

Is Manual Therapy Harmful?

Since no drugs are used in manual therapy, the disease history is not important. Therefore, heart and diabetic patients will not experience any problems. There is no harm in manual therapy applications performed by experts using the right techniques.

Does Manual Therapy Treat Hernia?

Manual therapy applications have shown a great development in the last 10 years and started to treat the great problems of our age. Especially in neck and waist hernias, manual therapy applications give successful results. Your complaints of back and neck hernia can end with manual therapy applications. Because it does not cause a situation like surgery, manual therapy is primarily preferred in the treatment of diseases such as hernia.

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